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What You Need To Know About Solar Panels

You’ve heard of solar panels before, maybe on TV, radio or in magazines, but do you know what they actually are? Do you know why they really benefit the environment? Or why they’re something that you should invest in?

With an abundance of upgrade packages available on the market that offer features such as luxurious stone benches and grand high ceilings, it’s not unusual for exterior upgrades to be forgotten. At New Living Homes, not only do we have a great selection of affordable upgrades for the inside of the house but we also offer a package for the outside that will benefit you for years to come – a solar panel package. Here’s what you need to know about solar panels and why they’re demanded by homeowners.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels or “PV panels” are power systems installed onto the roofs of homes to convert light from the sun into energy – better known for everyday use as electricity. They absorb the energy during the day for electricity that is often used at night. The accumulated power can run everyday living necessities such as lights, cooking appliances, the washing machine – everything down to the pool.

The panels are flat and positioned strategically on roofs to be exposed to the most sunlight possible. They are not bulky and blend seamlessly onto modern roofs, so there’s no need to worry about it effecting your house design. Solar panels require very little maintenance and are sturdily built to last for decades. There are different sizes of panels – ones that store enough energy for two people and ones that are larger and more appropriate for large families. Ask our expert staff about which solar panel will benefit your home the most.

Will You Save Money With Solar Panels?

Because solar panels use a natural energy source, you will not require as much electricity (if any) from the grid supplied by electrical companies. While some people hesitate to commit to the upfront costs of solar panels, they are an investment that save hundreds or even thousands of dollars off of your energy bills in the long run. Believe it or not, you can even sell excess energy to your electricity company and make money!

Relying on your own energy means that you can also go off-grid with stored energy, for example remote homes and caravans. After the initial set up, which is where the cost lies, the energy that the system produces for you is free for years to come! With New Living Homes, our solar packages are tailored to suit every budget and provide a feasible option for everyday Aussies building their dream home.

Why Are Solar Panels Good For The Environment?

By relying on the sun instead of traditional energy sources such as coal and gas, solar panels reduce the production of harmful fossil fuels. Coal and natural gas are limited resources, and their fossil fuels that are burnt to produce energy result in air and water pollution, and contribute to global climate change. Not only is sunlight free and limitless, it allows solar panels to produce a source of energy that is clean and renewable. They then have less impact on the environment and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, ultimately relieving the pressure from our atmosphere.

It’s important to do our part to help the planet, and solar panels are an innovative way to do so. It requires very little effort – only a professional for installation and the panels will do the rest!

Call New Living Homes on 1300 366 766 to find out more about our solar packages and how affordable they are with the build of your new home.

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