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What Is BASIX & Why Is It Important?

If you’re building a home for the first time, you might hear a few unfamiliar words thrown around and one of them might be BASIX. What should you know about it and why is associated with your new build? Don’t stress, you’re not expected to know everything from the get-go and we’re here to break it down for you. All you need to know are a few key things.

What is BASIX?

BASIX is short for Building Sustainability Index. It’s a requirement of sustainability created by the NSW Government to ensure water and energy efficiency in residential buildings. BASIX has been around since 2004 and implements environmentally friendly solutions to create sustainable living. Dwellings have to go through a BASIX assessment in order to receive a BASIX Certificate. Local Council will require a BASIX Certificate to approve plans before construction begins.

How do I get a BASIX Certificate?

There is an extensive checklist that is filled out before an assessment which includes information such as the overall project details, hot water system, energy supply, ventilation, and much more. After a successful assessment, which estimates a calculation of consumption based on the information provided, a BASIX Certificate is generated and submitted to the appropriate authority with your other development documents. The BASIX Certificate will outline key elements of your new home, otherwise known as sustainability commitments.

If you are building with New Living Homes, this checklist will be filled out for you and the assessment will be organised to retrieve the BASIX Certificate, so no need to worry about this at all! New Living Homes is committed to innovative solutions to reduce energy and water consumption, and our homes are designed with that as a priority. From kitchen appliances to lighting, we ensure that the process with BASIX is as smooth as possible. And if you have interest in a particular environmentally friendly feature, such as a solar system, we have many budget-friendly options and packages.

Why is BASIX important?

Aside from being a legal requirement, BASIX is important because it’s a necessary step in ensuring that new homes are built in a responsible manner that protects the environment. In fact, since 2004, 460,000 BASIX-compliant homes are estimated to have saved 281 billion litres of drinking water and 8.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions*. If everyone does their part to commit to sustainability, the community will be rewarded with a huge, positive impact that will benefit the generations to come.

*According to https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/basix/about-basix

If you have any questions about BASIX, feel free to contact your New Living Homes Sales Consultant. Our team is always happy to give more information and advice. Call us on 1300 366 766 today.


Building a New Living Home has given me confidence that I can easily embark on building a home rather than buying a place, and get a better house/ home rather than a small flat. But you have to choose a builder that KNOWS how to build, that builds exactly how the design dictates. A builder who can deliver what they say, when they say. A house that won’t look daggy in years to come is important too, and New Living Homes did just that. The overall investment has worked out well too, growing in value is a short period of time.


”The idea of our brand new home is still really sinking in as we never dreamt of building or ever own. A VERY big thank you to New Living Homes for giving us a brand new home! You’ve made our dreams real!”- Grevillea 4.1, Elegance Facade

L & M King

We would just like to say a massive thank you once again for all your help with the house. We moved in on the weekend and we are loving it ! So thank you for being part of the team that made our dream come true.

Belinda, Jordan Springs, Acacia 4 Urban

I love that my new home is mine!!!! There is nothing I don't love about it. The finishes are great and it is just perfect! I love showing it off to people and all of my friends and family love it and always compliment the design and workmanship.

B.M - Spring Farm  

‘’From the very beginning, our experience with New Living Homes has been nothing but amazing. From our very first meeting at Spring Farm, to the accounts team, to the pre-construction team, and our Construction Manager on site, nothing was ever an issue, or a question too stupid’’.

Rebecca & Steve - Jordan Springs 

‘’I have been extremely happy with my experience with New Living Homes and have told anyone and everyone about our build. Everything went smoothly and yes there were a few problems but our site manager sorted them out as quickly as he could.. Throughout all the build, nothing was too much trouble for our site manager’’

Debbie & Brian - Jordan Springs 

After hearing some horror stories of people building their homes we were fairly nervous to see how it would all
unfold however from the very first dealing with New Living Homes we could not fault a single thing. I would like to
give special mention to Emma from the Brooks Reach Display who was very accommodating with us pestering her
with what seemed like every week as we would be checking different things in the display home.

Tim & Kara - Flinders

My experience was excellent. This was the second house I have built in 4 years and the whole experience was a pleasure from start to finish. All of the sales team were very helpful and very responsive to each and every enquiry I had.

Damian & Lauren - Spring Farm 

Building with New Living Homes has been a pleasant and enjoyable journey so far, and we know we have Sandra to thank for this. Her customer service is second to none, and has made all the difference in building this time round. My husband and I just wanted to make sure recognition and praise was given where it is due. Thanks again for everything Sandra! We are looking forward to more builds with NLH. 

D.E, Marsden Park 

I always thought that building a house in Australia would be a nightmare like everyone told me but it was more than a pleasure as I was never troubled about anything. The process was as smooth as a butter.

Thank you guys, its because of your amazing team work, good flow of communication and the zeal to work hard to let people achieve their dreams, has gotten us what we really wanted. -

Monika & Mayur, Elara 

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