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Tips On Picking the Right Colour Scheme For Your Home

Unless you’re an interior designer, an artist or someone creative of the like, the likelihood of you knowing exactly which colour scheme you want for your new home from the get-go is slim. The choices are overwhelming and can get confusing. The last thing you want is to receive your house keys, enter the home and look at the kitchen and think, “Is that the splashback I picked?!”.

Picking the wrong colours for your taste can be a huge disappointment, not to mention quite costly to change. That’s why we have experts and colour rooms to make the process one that will put your mind at ease. Follow these tips and you’re sure to be impressed by your choices.

Visit a Display Home

The beauty of visiting display villages is that you’re not just relying on your imagination to picture the colour scheme come together. Visit New Living Homes display homes and get a real-life showcase of carpet colours, shower tiles, kitchen cupboards and countertops. Seeing the products and materials with your own eyes is the best way to make your choice if that option is available. This goes for exterior colour schemes and facades too. Display homes allow you to see the whole scheme come together, which brings us to the next tip.

Choose an Existing Colour Scheme

Not all colour schemes are always on display. However, on your journey, you will be offered to pick from schemes that are pre-selected and grouped together by experts. These interior and exterior colour schemes are carefully produced to make collaborations that are cohesive and pleasing to the eye. They have tones that complement each other and are consistent with a particular theme.

It may be tempting to change one or two colours from an existing colour scheme, and while it is fine to do so, keep in mind that it doesn’t guarantee the overall cohesiveness mentioned earlier. It’s easy for colours and patterns to clash, so when in doubt, stick to what is recommended and there will be little room for error.

Present Your Inspiration to the Experts

If you have a particular look in mind, making your colour choices will be a smoother process. Whether your preferred theme is Hamptons, Scandinavian or contemporary, having a clear vision of your personal style will mean a more accurate execution. Flick through home magazine pages, pin your heart out on Pinterest and save those Insta-worthy shots you see as you scroll through your feed. When you have your appointment with your New Living Homes advisor, share your ideas and inspiration with them. They can then steer you in the right direction and offer advice.

Don’t Overthink It

The worst thing you can do to yourself is run around in circles thinking, “did I make the right choice?!”. Once you settle with colours that you like and have selected, resist the temptation to look at other options. Trust your gut and be assured that if your colours clash, your colour consultant will bring it to your attention and suggest alternatives.

You don’t want to change your mind too many times because in some instances it might be too late, due to products being ordered, and you would’ve only stressed yourself out being convinced that you won’t like your colours. Unless you’ve opted for a primary colour, the odds are that your finishing look will be quite timeless and seamless to tie your style into. Stay calm and be confident in that you’ll have a beautiful colour scheme, inside and out.


If you’re ever in doubt, just reach out! Our friendly team members are there to make your journey as enjoyable and smooth as possible. Call 1300 366 766 to make an appointment with a New Living Homes Colour Consultant today.

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