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Interior Design School for Your Home

Most of us know what we like but don’t know what it’s called. It’s a tricky catch 22 of design school being something that only designers have been to. All of us are able to walk into a space and know whether or not it appeals to our sense of aesthetic, and so visiting display homes can be a great way to get an idea for what you’re into. In the world of design there is rarely the idea of the wrong choice, it might just be a choice that only appeals to a small number of people. With that in mind, know that the best way for you to design your own interior is the way that feels the best to you. In this article we will discuss some current and age-old design trends that could be key to your home’s interior.


Minimalism in art and music appeared post World War II but as an interior design trend, it is as old as dwellings themselves. The minimalist style involves stripping everything back to its bare necessities. In interior decorating it is often represented and distinguished by the choice of superior materials that generate a feeling of modest luxury. It is about doing more with less and creates a focus on simple geometry and lighting.

Feature Pieces

Feature pieces are eye-catching and mood-informing components of a building or its interior. Feature pieces could include things like feature walls, where a single wall is painted an entirely different and usually quite striking colour while the rest of the room is neutrally painted. Other feature pieces could be a stained glass window or a piece of art presented in such a way that visitors and indeed residents cannot visit that part of the house without confronting it.

Sometimes a feature piece can be centred in a house such that every room leads you towards it in some way, or like a stunning sunlight, it could seem that every part of the house is born outwards from the feature piece.

Comfort is Everything

This is one interior design trend that is never going to get old. Some might say a person’s house is their castle, or their sanctuary, and many humans are certainly creatures of comfort and build their housing interiors accordingly. It can be extremely welcoming for guests to know that they too can take off their shoes and put their feet up when there are multiple foot  stools in the living room and comfortable lounges dotted inside and out. Other décor pieces that make a house homely are cushions, rugs and lamps.

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