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How To Set Up A Kid-Friendly Study

Kids these days have more of an evolved learning experience than previous generations. Whether it’s because of home-schooling, extra-curricular activities or homework on iPads and other gadgets, students need a space in the home where they can concentrate and be encouraged to complete tasks to the best of their ability. That’s where a home study comes in.

No matter if your children are in primary school, high school or university, it’s important that there’s an established space in the house that is dedicated to productivity and is separate from the other relaxing rooms where everyday life is spent. Why? Because the home is usually a place to chill out and unwind, it’s essential to make sure the lines are not blurred between work and play. It’s the reason you don’t want your kids studying on the couch. To create an ideal study or home office that your kids can benefit from, we’ve got top tips that are easy, helpful and inexpensive.

Determine The Study Space

If you’re building a New Living home, it’s easy for you to establish a study or spare bedroom in the building process. If you have an existing home but no spare bedroom, get creative with ways to section off a space and turn it into a study nook. Use bookshelves or room dividers to create a separate zone in the house – one that is just big enough to cater for a working space for your child. If your child is still young and needs supervision, try to position their study nook just off somewhere you can keep an eye on them, like the hallway, kitchen or living room.

Create A “No Excuses” Set Up

After your child knows where their homework bench is, set it up for them so that they have no excuse to distract themselves by getting up every so often. This means plugging in a charger for the gadget that they work off, making their stationery items easily accessible and ready to use, keeping a water bottle at the desk, and ensuring that they’re comfortable! Just like adults, kids need a comfortable workspace to stimulate productivity. Be sure to get your child involved and ask them if anything is missing from their workspace.

Eliminate External Distractions

Kids have a short attention span (especially when it comes to homework!), so once they’re focused, remove any background distractions that may disturb them. This means turning off the TV or keeping it at a volume that they can’t hear from their nook, keeping toys and other forms of entertainment away from their study area, and also setting a safeguard on their electronics to make sure that they aren’t playing games or veering away from any online homework.

Speak To A New Living Homes Expert

When building your forever home, you want to make sure that the house design you select will cater to your family’s every need. Whether it’s a home office for yourself or a study nook for the kids, speak to an expert from our New Living Homes team about incorporating this extra space into your design. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it can be! Call us on 1300 366 766.

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