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How To Create An Impressive Guest Bedroom

One of the best things about building a new home is that you can pick a floor plan that suits you and your lifestyle. If you know that you’re likely to host guests from out of town or have extended family members come to stay from time to time, allowing for an extra bedroom will make everyone feel more relaxed.

While deciding on an additional bedroom or converting a living room into a bedroom in the early stages of your build can be an easy pick, what to do with that bedroom might not come as easily. Here’s how you can turn a spare space into a welcoming, homely bedroom for your guests.

Cosy Bedding

Instead of having a flat-looking bed plunked in the middle of the room with a couple of pillows, make your guests look forward to a good night’s sleep with extra cosy bedding. Plush pillows, good quality sheets (not the itchy kind!), cushions, a mattress cover and even an electric blanket are all manchester items that will be greatly appreciated by anyone who is missing the comfort of their own bed.

Versatile Furniture

Speaking of bedding, having furniture that can transform or have double uses will be an investment worthwhile. Having a trundle bed or a bunk bed may be options to consider. Also, keep in mind that visitors with young children may need a bassinet or cot. A simple, collapsible cot will be greatly appreciated by parents.

Extra Toiletries

Guests often forget things like toothbrushes, a comb, and soaps. Having a little welcome basket with new items, such as a loofah, toothpaste and shower cap, is a nice touch that will give welcoming hotel vibes. Don’t forget to stack a few fresh towels and a hamper in the corner in case they require a load of washing.

Light Entertainment

Putting a lamp on a bedside table along with a couple of books, crossword puzzles and the latest lifestyle magazines will provide another level of relaxation, particularly if your guest bedroom doesn’t have a TV. You can even personalise light entertainment such as providing a ball of yarn for an aunty who likes to knit, or a cordless game console for a niece or nephew. What’s usually most appreciated is having a phone charger already plugged in so that guests don’t feel embarrassed to borrow one.

Snack Bar

You don’t have to go all out with providing a mini-fridge (although that would be cool!), but save your guests embarrassment from having to raid your pantry for a midnight snack and have a nice hamper in the room that they can dig into. Fill it with bottles of water, chocolates, cookies, crackers – whatever small treats your visitors might appreciate.

Luxurious Décor

Last but not least, the final touches will bring your guest bedroom together. No one likes staring at four blank walls, so bring some colour and fun into the space with wall art. Install curtains over the windows to add some depth and texture to the room. Top surfaces with scented candles, a vase full of fresh flowers and some small and interesting vignettes to give the bedroom character. Never underestimate the power of detail!

Speak to New Living Homes today about incorporating a guest bedroom into your floor plan. We will give you advice based on your land and have an array of affordable options for you to make your dream home a reality. Call 1300 366 766 or visit a display home today.

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