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Colour your world with New Living

Colour is how you give your house its personality, how you set the mood. But with so many choices, deciding on the right blends when decorating can not only be tricky – it can be downright terrifying.

Luckily, the expert colour team at New Living Homes have put together some perfect colour choices, tailoring palettes to highlight the most beautiful features of your home.

But what New Living Homes colour combination should you choose? Well here are some tips to help you create a space that makes you smile.

1. Don’t make a decision based on wall colours. You can always repaint but flooring and fixed features are much harder to replace – and much more expensive!

2. Look at the New Living Homes colour palettes in different lighting before making your decision. The type of light bulbs – whether halogen or fluorescent – will reflect different hues. Check the colour combinations in the morning, midday and afternoon sun, keeping in mind the time of day when natural light will flood your home.

3. Your goal with colour is to harmonise. Choose external colours influenced by your internal colour choices and vice- versa. To continue this effect throughout your home choose two or three of the same colours to be repeated in each room. For example, tiles in the kitchen could be reflected in the bedroom by choosing a quilt cover in the same tone.

4. Always remember you can add pizzazz to your home by choosing colourful furnishings – throws, cushions, lighting fixtures, appliances and pieces of art. It’s the little things that add personality and flavour to your room – a vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit.

Happy colouring!

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