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From the style of the season right through to what to expect when you are building, we cover a range of topics in this blog, updated weekly. Keep up to date with the latest news, views and happenings at New Living Homes


Affordable Luxury with The Avoca Home Design

Building a brand-new home is one of the most exciting ventures a homeowner can experience. Rather than moving into an existing house where you may be limited with arrangements or features, building new gives you a clean slate with many options. Of course, options can be limited by one main...

Timeless Design with the Iluka 4.1

When building a single-storey home, owners want to be reassured that they’re making the most of their lot of land and are fulfilling their family‘s needs for years to come. The advantage of building brand-new is that you get to select all of the features that will make that concept...

Enjoy Modern Living With The Oak

If you’re after a house design that offers impressive features, a contemporary layout, and doesn’t break the bank, we’ve got something great in store for you. It’s a best-seller at New Living Homes and that’s because it attracts young families, investors, and retirees alike. It’s the home design known as...
Azalea 4 - Madison facade

Why The Exterior Of Your Property Is So Important

First impressions always create the most powerful memories. However, some first impressions are good and some we want to forget… Whether it’s going for a job interview or meeting a new social circle, you want to let all of your greatest qualities shine. The same goes for houses. Not only...

What Is Zero Lot Boundary?

When looking at floor plans for new homes, you may notice that some designs refer to a “zero lot boundary” footprint. But what does that mean and is it applicable to your house or land? Zero lot boundary refers to a structure being built up to or very near the...
How Landlords Can Make A Great House Listing

How Landlords Can Make A Great House Listing

If you have an investment property, tenant occupancy is a big deal. Just like a business owner, you have an opportunity for a substantial amount of income that can steer you toward great success. However, if you don’t market your house correctly, you could be losing potential tenants to other...

How to Organise Your Pantry

Practising self-isolation can get a bit boring when you’re twiddling your thumbs and wondering what to do next. The obvious answer (after movies and board games) is a productive task list of spring-cleaning. While it is a definite time killer and will make you feel better at completion, it’s a...
Dos and Don’ts for First Home Buyers

Dos and Don’ts for First Home Buyers

Buying your first house can be extremely stressful. It is probably the biggest financial commitment you have ever made and will play a big role in determining your quality of life over the coming years. It could be the best decision you ever make, or one of the worst. To...
Interior Design School for Your Home

Interior Design School for Your Home

Most of us know what we like but don’t know what it’s called. It’s a tricky catch 22 of design school being something that only designers have been to. All of us are able to walk into a space and know whether or not it appeals to our sense of...
Guide to Selecting the Right Home Loan

Guide to Selecting the Right Home Loan

Home loans are an important part of buying a house. Some people might even say that getting the right home loan is even more important than getting the right property! Unless you are one of the tiny proportion of people who can afford to buy a house outright, you are...
Building a Home Versus Buying an Existing Home

Building a Home Versus Buying an Existing Home

It’s an argument that seems to go around without any end in sight. It can be easy to think buying an existing house is the easier option, but there are numerous downsides to this approach. Building a house also has its drawbacks, but many substantial advantages  - here’s why. Location...
What does your home say about you

What does your home say about you?

It’s a question many home owners find themselves asking. Given all of the personal choices that go into making a house a home, what does your home say about you? Cleanliness is Next to Godliness A better way to understand this age old quote is that a clean house is...
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