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From the style of the season right through to what to expect when you are building, we cover a range of topics in this blog, updated weekly. Keep up to date with the latest news, views and happenings at New Living Homes


What The HomeBuilder Grant Will Do For Your New Build

If you’ve read some of our previous posts, you’ll know about the HomeBuilder Grant and that it was due to end as we said goodbye to 2020. The great news is that on 29 November 2020, the Government announced that the HomeBuilder Scheme has been extended till 31 March 2021....

Last Chance To Apply For The HomeBuilder Grant

COVID-19 has impacted the economy drastically – that goes without saying. In response, the government announced the HomeBuilder Scheme earlier this year to push through the pandemic and stimulate activity in the construction industry. If approved, homeowners who fulfil a specific criteria could be granted $25,000 of funding for a...

HomeBuilder Scheme: Are You Eligible?

If you’re on the hunt for a brand-new home, you may have heard of the Government’s HomeBuilder Grant – a program administered by Revenue NSW in which owner-occupiers can receive $25,000 of funding for a new house, a large renovation or an off-the-plan property. What is the HomeBuilder Grant? The...
At-Home Activities That Will Save Your Family Money

At-Home Activities That Will Save Your Family Money

Taking the whole family out for a field day can be quite expensive. While it’s fun to spend some quality time and enjoy new experiences together, it can leave your pockets empty going out every time the kids get bored. Thankfully, there are some boredom-busting activities that you can do...
Ivy 4_Bay facade

5 Design Features That Make A Home Modern

Times are changing, and with it are the home designs that are considered the way of the future. Not only is this the case in the sense of technology, but trends too. Whether it’s a contemporary colour palette or refreshed furniture, there are many design opportunities that can make your...
What You Need To Know About Solar Panels

What You Need To Know About Solar Panels

You’ve heard of solar panels before, maybe on TV, radio or in magazines, but do you know what they actually are? Do you know why they really benefit the environment? Or why they’re something that you should invest in? With an abundance of upgrade packages available on the market that...

From The Mouths Of Our Customers: Why Choose New Living Homes

With many builders in the industry, it can be overwhelming to decide who to entrust with building your dream home or investment property. The wrong choice won’t only leave you disappointed with the end result, but could also potentially leave you out of pocket due to unexpected costs throughout the...
Avoca Muilti Room

How To Set Up A Kid-Friendly Study

Kids these days have more of an evolved learning experience than previous generations. Whether it’s because of home-schooling, extra-curricular activities or homework on iPads and other gadgets, students need a space in the home where they can concentrate and be encouraged to complete tasks to the best of their ability....
8 Simple Things That Make Your Home Look Messy

8 Simple Things That Make Your Home Look Messy

Life gets busy and when you finally get around to cleaning the house, you want it to look sparkling for as long as possible. When the floors have just been mopped and the cabinets are all dusted, you get to sit back and relax after all the hard work and...

What Is Zero Lot Boundary?

When looking at floor plans for new homes, you may notice that some designs refer to a “zero lot boundary” footprint. But what does that mean and is it applicable to your house or land? Zero lot boundary refers to a structure being built up to or very near the...
How Landlords Can Make A Great House Listing

How Landlords Can Make A Great House Listing

If you have an investment property, tenant occupancy is a big deal. Just like a business owner, you have an opportunity for a substantial amount of income that can steer you toward great success. However, if you don’t market your house correctly, you could be losing potential tenants to other...
10 Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Smaller

10 Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Smaller

Whether you’ve just been handed the keys to your new house or are thinking of redecorating your existing home, there are some key design guidelines that experts recommend you stick to – just ask any interior designer. Of course, there are no indefinite rules, after all, your home is your...
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