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At-Home Activities That Will Save Your Family Money

Taking the whole family out for a field day can be quite expensive. While it’s fun to spend some quality time and enjoy new experiences together, it can leave your pockets empty going out every time the kids get bored. Thankfully, there are some boredom-busting activities that you can do that will cost next to nothing. Not to mention, you can do them from the comfort of your own home! Here are some fun in-house activities that will entertain all kids, big and small.

Decorate Cookies & Cupcakes

Not every family member might enjoy the aspect of baking, but who can refuse the creativity of decorating? Prepare some home-baked cookies or cupcakes beforehand and set up the dining table with a plastic cover and some decorating tools. Then fill the centre of the table with all kinds of edible decorations – various coloured frosting, sprinkles, chocolates and toppers. Then everyone can try to make the most delicious-looking treat! Best of all, you’ll all get to enjoy some dessert when it’s all done.

Movie Marathon

It’s an oldie but a goodie. There’s a reason why everyone will pay for theatre tickets and a huge bucket of popcorn. Unfortunately, doing that at the cinema can set you back an easy $100 when treating the family. Take advantage of your at-home theatre room (part of many New Living Homes home designs!) and gather the family around for a much-anticipated new release. If you’re up for taking it to the next level, make it a marathon with two or three movies of your favourite franchise or childhood classics.

Build A Fort

No matter how old you are, everyone will love the idea of building an indoor fort out of sheets and blankets. Gather the cushions and pillows, get the family to camp in there with their pjs and bowls of snacks. Grab a torch and tell stories or set up your favourite board games and hours will pass by without anyone noticing!

Plant Flowers In The Garden

Give your front yard or backyard a makeover while teaching the kids a love for nature. On a sunny day, visit your local nursery and get the kids to pick out their choice of flowers. Then go home and let everyone get their hands dirty by planting them in the garden. You’ll have a beautiful new landscape that will be extra special because everyone has contributed and left their personal touch. Plus, the kids will be able to take out a watering can and care for their flowers every few days.

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