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5 Design Features That Make A Home Modern

Times are changing, and with it are the home designs that are considered the way of the future. Not only is this the case in the sense of technology, but trends too. Whether it’s a contemporary colour palette or refreshed furniture, there are many design opportunities that can make your home look more modern. So, what’s no longer being used in new homes? And what should people choose for their renovations? Here are five features that will instantly make your home look less old-fashioned and more magazine-worthy.

1.    Floating Vanities

Modernity in a home is all about the seamlessness and streamlined appearance of the fittings. Long gone are the days where homes are built with pipes popping out from the ground – at least not in the bathroom where a vanity is installed. Today, floating vanities conceal pipes which are exposed from the wall, leaving the ground beneath it a space that’s free and easy to clean. A floating vanity is a must for a modern bathroom. It gives the illusion of a larger floor space and is aesthetically pleasing. (Floating vanities are a standard inclusion when you build with New Living Homes!)

2.    Shutters & Blinds

While curtains are appropriate in a bedroom or as a design feature in the heart of the home, it’s very 20th century to have curtains on every window of the home. Curtains are great for layering and creating a homely, warm feel – but overdoing it can weigh the home down and make it overwhelming to look at. A quick and easy fix is updating your home with shutters and blinds. They lift the whole home and bring in a light, airy ambience that takes advantage of sunlight. Blinds and shutters come in all sorts of styles and colours, so you can still choose from a variety that will suit your design preference.

3.    Downlights

We’re all for statement chandeliers, but if lighting isn’t intentionally a feature in your home then it should blend in to complement the actual focal points of your interior. Downlights are a seamless lighting option that are flat in shape and functional, unlike bulky lighting you’ll find in older homes. Of course, there are different downlights and you can opt for ones that dim for an ultra-modern feel.

4.    Neutral Colours

Unless you’re deliberately going for a retro 60s vibe in your home, it’s quite unlikely to find a home that will showcase loud, primary colours. It’s timelier to choose a colour palette that consists of neutral colours – whether it’s earthy browns and creams or a monochrome scheme of black, white and grey. Modern homes are built with these tones because it allows a blank canvas for people to implement their personal style. It’s difficult to work with a lime green wall for all time, but you can always dress a white wall up with lime green artwork and switch it out as trends change without the costly paint job.

5.    Keyless Locks

We have to include some technology in this list! Even the least tech-savvy can appreciate the convenience of a keyless lock. Unlike the traditional door knob on the front of the home, a keyless lock means that you will only need to remember a code to enter your abode – so you can ditch the handful of keys! Not only is it a smart feature for the home that can be used even with a smart phone, it also creates a flush appearance on your front door while providing security for your premises.

Speak to New Living Homes today about the incredible features that you get in the base price of a house with our Standard Inclusions! We’ll provide a standard above the rest and build a modern home that you’ll love for years to come.

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