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10 Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Smaller

Whether you’ve just been handed the keys to your new house or are thinking of redecorating your existing home, there are some key design guidelines that experts recommend you stick to – just ask any interior designer. Of course, there are no indefinite rules, after all, your home is your castle and it should reflect your personality!

However, no matter what your preference in style or theme, no one wants to purposely make their home look smaller than it is. Everyone wants a spacious dwelling. There are many mistakes you could be unintentionally making that are sabotaging the look of how big your space actually is. Here are 10 decorating mistakes to avoid in your house to make it look as airy and luxurious as possible.

1. Not Hanging Mirrors

If you’re not hanging any mirrors on your walls, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to give your home the illusion of a larger space. Reflections play tricks on the eye and leave the impression that the area is never-ending – as opposed to blocked by the wall the mirror hangs on.

2. Backing Your Couch To The Wall

Situating your couch off the wall gives more of a flow to your living room. If you can, let your sofa float in the family room rather than box up the area. Not only will it allow you to walk around it, but it will also make the space look more relaxing and less like the furniture is only there for function.

3. Small Rugs

Having a rug that’s too small for your area is a rookie mistake. Because your eye will be drawn to the texture on the floor, cutting it off short makes the area seem like it couldn’t hold more. Ensure that your rug is large enough to run under at least the front two of your couch legs or the whole of your dining table with the dining chairs let out.

4. Excessive Furniture

Have you noticed that when you move into a new and empty place that it looks so large? That’s because clutter is the number one culprit in making a space look stuffy and tiny. Avoid muddling your home with too much furniture or else it will take up more space than you anticipate! When it comes to purchasing furniture, always measure your space and don’t be tempted to buy anything larger.

5. Dark Colours On The Walls

This is perhaps the oldest rule in the book – black makes things look smaller, white makes things look bigger. The same goes with interior design. If you want to lift the feel of your home, opt for light colours on your walls and in your décor.

6. Not Drawing The Eye Upward

Giving the eye more to look at creates the impression that the space is grand. Lift the attention off the floor and up toward windows and curtains. Make it even more interesting with shelves and artworks.

7. Wrongly-Sized Artworks

Speaking of artworks, an off ratio picture frame or canvas will make your walls look odd. Too tiny, the space will look small and empty. Too large, the space will look overcrowded and busy. The right artwork will draw attention and have an impact. A rule of thumb is to leave half to a third of the wall exposed. If picking a large artwork seems like a scary thought, opt for a collage of smaller frames.

8. Using The Wrong Patterns

Overwhelming wallpaper or a very busy couch can make a room look overbearing to look at. We love a maximalist room, but if the theme isn’t carried out throughout the house, the patterns can look odd. Be sure that your colours and patterns will compliment each other before you commit.

9. Having No Lamps

Similar to artwork, having different types of lighting around the home draws the eye around the room. Rather than relying on your ceiling lighting, you can make your home feel bigger by opting for mood lighting.

10. Cluttering Small Vignettes

While magnets and small souvenirs are fun for keepsake, they aren’t always the friendliest for house décor. Bunches of small items take us back to the rule of cluttering. Instead, opt for larger décor pieces with impact, like vases and ornaments for your tables.

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