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A lender that suits our mission. 

In our mission to build desirable houses at affordable prices, we've realised it's not only the price tag we put on your future home, 

But also the way you pay for it. That's why we've partnered with Mortgage House, who are able to provide

you with a home loan that could save you thousands! 


Where your dream house meets it's home loan 

Mortgage House offers home loan products that are tailored to your needs and lifestyle. 

So once you've tailored your dream home with us, it's worth talking to them to see how much you can save! 

New Living Homes recommends Mortgage House because of their: 


Low Rates

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Fixed and variable options

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Superior customer service 


Easy loan management 


Features that reward customers 


100% offset account options

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Affordable home loans 

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Great savings 

Go ahead and follow the steps below to find your perfect home loan


With the right finance you'll be in your new home, and paying it off in no time, with more money in your pocket to actually enjoy life 

It's easy to imagine your perfect home.. and with Mortgage House it's easy to finance it too! 

Why choose Mortgage House? 

They are award winning lending specialists since 1986 

Their latest awards include: 

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