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Finance Options – Affordable Homes & Modern Designs

New Living Homes does a lot more than offer desirable homes at affordable prices. We make new homes more accessible through our partners at Mortgage House. This award-winning finance company can offer you a great home mortgage finance deal in Sydney.


Finance Choices with New Living Homes

First home buyers and homeowners always ask us, "HOW am I ever going to afford this?" The all-important choice of home loan is a critical issue. You need to watch your costs, particularly when taking out a long-term mortgage.

Before you decide on purchasing, consider the options New Living Homes and Mortgage House can deliver for you:

  • Mortgage House rates can also save you thousands of dollars when compared to the rates of other lenders.
  • Add a good home loan to a good home price and you’re winning the fight against high home prices.
  • With our affordable home prices and a sustainable mortgage rate from Mortgage House, you save on both your upfront purchase costs and repayments.

You can expect to see real value from these purchasing options, particularly for first home buyers trying to lock in that critical first mortgage. You can also compare your loan choices and calculate your savings. That means there’s no guesswork involved – just realistic figures you can work with to find affordable homes.

Find Out What Mortgage House Loans Can Do for You

Using the links below, you can see which type of loan is right for you. Each link provides useful information about your loan choices and loan application options. Try putting in a few numbers to see what your repayment costs will be.

You’ll get some interesting figures, as well as the added value of Mortgage House’s lower rates. Don’t be too surprised if you come up with much better figures than you expected. That’s why we chose Mortgage House!

Check out just how much you'll save with Mortgage House's home loan packages

With Mortgage House's finance solutions, you'll never have to ask "HOW am I ever going to afford this?" again.

Find out more and start your home ownership journey today!

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